Monday, December 12, 2011

Tinted Winter Landscapes

Kids just adore mixing paint! They love, love, LOVE the magic of color changing right before their very eyes! When I break out the thick, liquid tempera paint  in class to them it's just like winning the lottery! 

I'm sure you have seen or done something like this before, but it is just
one of those fast one day projects that always turns out pretty. It's perfect for the winter time, and for right when you're scrambling for a fast one day project that they can finish before you loose art classes for assemblies or rehearsals and vacation days. 

I saw it on a while back, and can't remember what teacher exactly, but I know a lot of teachers who do this project.  We paint white on the paper first, then mix one dot of a color to the white for their first tinted stripe. We continue with white and two dots of color, ending with total solid hue on the top.  Once they washed their brush and take a smaller brush, we use only black paint for the silhouettes of a tree with "Y" branches, a fence, and a cute animal. 

The kids get creative with footprints and snow or moon in the sky.  I do try to remind them not to crowd their snow. They could and would go overboard if you let them! 

Welcome Winter!

I love the footprints added in this one!

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