Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Encouraging Self Reflecting Artists

Remember those days when children would walk up to you, poke your shoulder, and ask if they were done? I'm proud to say I have nearly eliminated that, just by posting these signs! The children now look at the sign and ask themselves, "Have I reached the awesome level?" The visual aide has really helped them understand what it means to have a full composition, lost of detail, and a neatly worked on piece of art that took lots of effort! 

Since I teach third through fifth, I started the year off with third grade discussing the different stages of "A-R-T". Early in the year we make fishbowls together, so that they can also "fill their fishbowl" like  I did. It truly helps them to think about composition and making the viewers eyes jump around the page. 

From then on the students will look at the fishbowls, review my steps for a project, and think for themselves, "Am I really done?"

What have you done to help your students reflect? 


  1. This is great...I love the three versions! What a great way to show students what you are expecting of them!!

  2. Thank you for your feedback! It really has been very helpful for my kiddies!