Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ready Leaders; Take Over!

Aren't their smocks cute too?
I have to thank a fifth grade teacher for inspiring me into having leaders in my art room! The kids get so excited to get their chance to wear their leader tag, and I make sure every child gets a turn throughout the year.

I know many of you have systems of giving clean up jobs to your kids and other various classroom responsibility jobs are handed out on top of that in some fashion.  I also have special systems in place for clean up and odd jobs. This leader tag system was my way of managing everything that happens in my room on top of the clean up system.

Every time the class arrives for art and sits in their seats, I go over lesson directions and pick three leaders. I keep track of who had a turn by underlining in a marker on my seating chart that leader for the day. They then come up and are "awarded" their job for the day.

The art leader is just like me- that child will be responsible for various odd jobs, assisting the project or supply leader, and helping students when they are done. 

The project leader gets to do just what it says- pass out projects or the paper/main material to start the project. Sometimes they can pick two helpers to split the pile with, and at the end of the class they organize either the drying rack or the project shelf. I found this helped save time at the beginning and end of class!

The supply leader is also a very important job- passing out and organizing supplies. If at the end of the class the supplies need to be fixed in some way-such as clicking marker caps on or refilling paint- then that child gets the honor of maintaining the supplies. They really take it very seriously and are very excited. Sometimes they can pick a helper as well. 

I found that when I instituted this leader tag system that the room was maintained better, and the students were more responsible with all aspects of the management of the classroom materials and projects. 

What sort of system do you use?


  1. Great idea! I haven't really had a system for jobs in the classroom... just whoever happens to be sitting near or asks to help. This would be much more "official" and I think all the kids would enjoy it!

    Shawsha (The Art Teacher Lady)

  2. Ms. Scott- you're right they do enjoy it! More than I ever imagined they would! The reason I had to start keeping track of who had a turn on my seating chart because they would argue over who had more than one turn or who was skipped over when they were just forgetting from one week to the next! It's adorable how excited they are to be helpers.

  3. Love to have help too.
    I let my 5 th graders apply to be Art helpers & they will help throughout the whole year.The kids come in the building at 7:15 to eat breakfast. Teachers start checking in at 7:30 & the Art helpers may come in my room then. They help me set up my room each day, sharpening pencils, setting down stacked chairs, making deliveries or collecting papers, until 7:55, (the bell rings at 8) It's so nice to have this extra help. I give them Art Helper badges to wear, I have a small breakfast party at Christmas & the end of the year to say, "Thanks"

  4. I choose my helpers by the way the come into the room and sit in ready position. Straight up in seat hands folded on the desk. When a table is doing all the correct things, I give them a star award for the table and take their picture which is displayed for all to see when entering the art room. If more than one table is acting correctly I give one of them special pencils to use during art.