Thursday, November 24, 2011

What Elementary Art Teachers are REALLY Thankful for...

With Thanksgiving dinner just around the bend, I thought about what art teachers like myself might be really thankful for if we had a perfect day:
  1. All the brushes in the classroom were mysteriously cleaned and stored handle down on their own
  2. The hand print on the back butt-pocket of your pants actually came out in the wash this time
  3. The art room's slop sink which was dubbed the "classroom bath" for never draining properly is now a whirlpool of perfect drain suction
  4. The principal decided art was so important that students will not be pulled out of art for speech, OT, band, PT, or make up testing
  5. Assemblies are now scheduled during general ed. time, as the staff was concerned that the students already had to little time and the thought of missing a day would make it even less time for them
  6. Art class has been extended by an extra 15 minutes per period to allow for clean up time 
  7. It's the first classroom prep day of the school year, and every vendor sent your class material orders on time, and it's already been checked in and unpacked for you to put away
  8. Parent volunteers understood all your directives and put the art show together all on their own beautifully, with refreshments, and a personal photographer for all your documentation needs, while giving you a gift card for a massage as you worked hard all year and deserve it
  9. An assistant was hired to help with all special needs cases that walked through your door, mounting artwork, bulletin boards, clean up cases, kiln fires and coffee runs (hey, if CEO's can get coffee brought to them, why can't you?)
  10. Your car's trunk space has doubled since the school built your new classroom with extra storage closets and loads of shelving with a double sink and large tables!

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