Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let's Design a Room!

 The fourth graders LOVED designing their own rooms! They thought it was "Magic" when we made the rooms have long hallways that showed two more rooms behind! Below you will see the steps to making this simple enough for our fourth graders!

First Step... Make that hallway!
Then.. begin to "Interior Decorate"

At this stage, some kids added stairways in the second room, wall paper, vending machines, pool tables, and all things sports. They are really creative students! 

  All the students were required to add a hardwood floor in to hit the beginning stages of perspective. We were really careful to use a ruler and do the left side angles before the right side angles. I did not show them how to use one point, just how to make the angles tilt and have the planks smaller far away.  
Finally, we learn the basics of perspective- things get smaller far away!

So sweet!
Okay, so I added this one because of the Japanese art!

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