Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to School!

Welcome back to school!

Back to little eager eyes staring up at you, back to all those excited "wow" faces when they have their first experiences in art; back to wiggling in their chairs and
runny noses.  Today I watched a student light up as they worked with wet on wet painting technique to blend green with yellow and brown only to make "turtle color" in the grass. Then a few minutes later that same composed, orderly, concerned third grade artist walked out of my classroom at the end of the line doing the Russian "squat kick" dance. Oh, the laughs I had.

I love this time of year; especially driving to work looking at the fall foliage. My lawn is a golden sea of leaves. It is such an inspirational time of year. So many fun things to do! We can be inspired by all the autumn colors, funny shaped pumpkins, colorful leaves, changing trees, farms, and yes, even Halloween!

The topic of Halloween is all my students can talk about lately.  They keep trying to give me ideas for costumes. I’m not sure what I will dress up as yet, but I certainly know what I will be doing for art projects! Don’t worry, pictures and lesson plans are coming tomorrow!

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