Thursday, September 29, 2011

We Love Tribal Art!

Every year I start with a cultural unit for fifth and fourth graders. Fourth graders truly love making masks!

I've done this project in numerous ways. My favorite always leads me back to oil pastel and tag board. We study masks from around the world first, discussing their rituals and reasons for mask making. We look at pictures, watch a movie, and then we dive in! 

Our young artists pull ideas from the masks we have seen, looking at the tribal patterns, eye sizes, mouth shapes and horns or headdress. Beads are strung from yarn and raffia to embellish or add hair.  

Each one is creative, each one is unique. They learn to blend oil pastels, create patterns, and tie knots. You would be surprised at how little they know about making a knot! 
I love this project! 

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