Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Art Swaps!

What could be more adorable than kids making mini works of art to trade? I went to the Art Educators of New Jersey conference on Monday and fell in love with this workshop. I'm not sure yet how I will do this with my students - if it will be an art club project or a small project with my fifth graders - but it just seems like such a fun thing for the kids to do!

Students would design their own style card, using the card as a self portrait type of canvas.Would they use food or sports as a theme? How about their favorite things? Or will it be non objective? 

They would use and identify how they used the elements and principles of design to create four or five artist trading cards.  One would be given to me to keep in a collectors book for the library. The second would be for themselves, and the third for a school we trade with as well as the fourth for a friend to trade with. The back of the card can be a artist statement.  

Materials can be scraps of tissue paper, glitter, puffy paint, watercolors, ribbon and magazines. It can be things they bring in, corrugated cardboard. This could be integrated with Photoshop to teach the basic filters and tools to help create cards as well. It can also be used to start together as a project and then allowed as a free time art station throughout the year so they can make more than four if they wanted to and continue to trade during the year.  

Students love working small, and they love to collect art. Working with a school from across the globe to trade would really add to the fun of collecting artist cards and motivate them to make a really creative small work of art to share.  The swap itself can be a party if you swap in district!

Look online for artist trading cards  (ATC) swap websites or ATC networks that can give you examples for students to look at. The history is quiet fascinating to share with them as well!

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