Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just in time for Halloween!

"Spooky Silhouettes!"
 Yay! One class finished their spooky silhouettes in time for  the Halloween bulletin board! I'm going to have to take a picture of them all mounted on orange paper and hanging on the bulletin board- but let me tell you- they are awesome! 

We painted a spooky harvest moon sky reinforcing the wash technique, and then discussed silhouettes. They loved looking at all those spooky pictures of ghosts, trees, witches, and gravestones! I also showed them other images such as mountains with a sunset and surfer's hanging ten with the sun setting behind them to show them that it's not just a Halloween thing!
Love the curled shoe!

Once they got the idea, we started drawing on black paper our images for our picture. I had them do the largest silhouette first- the tree. Then they could make anything else they wanted, cut it out, and paste it drawing side down. I had to demonstrate cutting all the contour lines perfectly to make the image look sharp and clear. Hence the witches shoe in the above image looking so perfectly curled!  

Check out that jumping spider!
The last and final part of making it look complete was adding in skinny line details with a sharpie. That's when the spider web's came into play and the skeleton bones! 

They had a blast! I'll post the in between pictures and the final bulletin board a little later this week- parent teacher conferences are eating up my time! 

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